The NY Edible 2014 Holiday Issue is a massive 176-page joint issue that combines stories from all 4 of New York's Edible magazines: Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Edible East End & Edible Long Island. This holiday issue tells the story of the local food culture across four regions of New York which range from Manhattan to Montauk—with just one issue per holiday season. Four issues were published, one per region, with different front covers but with the same inside content for each issue. This was the first time that NY Edible has ever combined all four of its publications into one large issue—and I had the the opportunity to be the sole designer for this entire publication!

From designing the layouts, to placing the ads, then to sending the issue to the printers, I worked with the publisher, editor and photo editor to bring this big & beautiful holiday issue to life.

All images and content are copyrighted by Edible Manhattan. For more information and to subscribe to the magazine, visit:

Edible Manhattan (No.35), Edible Brooklyn (No. 36), 
Edible Long Island (No. 6), and Edible East End (No.48)
Nov/Dec 2014 Holiday Issue

The slideshow gives just a little taste of some of the various spreads throughout the 2014 holiday issue issue, such as: the social media pages, two gift guides, History By The Slide, Slice U, and Farming By Design // Manhattan Cover Photograph By: Scott Gordon Bleicher. // Brooklyn Cover Photograph: Emily Dryden // Long Island Cover Photograph: Doug Young // East End Cover Photograph: Justin Walker.

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